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To be exact and correct.

For example: She was able to accurately count the numbers of mangoes in the box.


To speak in support of others.

For Example: He advocated for the land rights of the community living near the forests.


More than enough.

Example: There is ample food for lunch.


Members of the same family which lived way before us.

For Example: My ancestor might never imagined using mobile phones.


Any objects which have high value because it is very old.

For Example: In the museum, you will see a lot of antique objects.


Something which is done without having a reason.

For Example: A good judge should not make arbitrary decisions.


To put things in order or neatly.

For Example: Anil likes to arrange the books in order.


To test the ability or quality of something or someone.

For Example: Tamarind Tree students are assessed everyday.


To try completing something even if it may be difficult.

For Example: I attempted the question even though it was tough.



A piece of cloth tied around someone's head to cover the eyes.

For Example: For playing the game 'Pin the tail', we have to blindfold the player.

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