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Deserving respect, especially due to age or character.

For example: The old woman was the most venerable person in the village due to her wisdom.


Vent has two meanings.

1. With reference to a Volcano or any space:

It is a small opening which allows air, smoke or any liquid to enter or leave a a closed space.

For example:

The main vent of Mauna Loa volcano is very active.

2. In the case of emotions:

To express a negative emotion in a forceful and unfair way.

For example:

Shouting and becoming angry is not a good way to vent your frustration.


An opening or  crack in the Earth's crust from where hot magma comes out on the surface. Sometimes the force with which the lava comes out changes the surrounding crust to form a mountain.

For example:

Mount Fujiyama in Japan is an active volcano.