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Tectonic plates

The shell or crust of the earth is broken up into many pieces which fit into each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

These pieces are known as tectonic plates.

For example:

The Indian (tectonic) plate collided with the Eurasian (tectonic) plate and thus Himalayas were created.


It is the way of measuring the amount of heat in a place or on the body.

For example: This summer, the day temperatures were very high.


In a game or Quiz, whenever two or more teams get the same number of points it is said to be a tie. However, only one of them can be declared as the winner. In such a case, there is an extra round which decides who will be the winner. This extra round is called the Tie - breaker.

For Example: When England and New Zealand both scored 241 runs in the World cup final, Each team was given an extra over as a tie breaker.