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To make a sharp high-pitched sound.

For example: The baby screeched in anger when the toy was taken away from him.


To find or look out for something.

For Example: I will seek help from my sister.


The ability in our body to feel something - such as pain, heat, cold etc.

For example: The fever caused a burning sensation in the child's body.


Something that is easy to do or understand.

For Example: Sam had explained the Water cycle in very simple words.


An ability to do an activity well.

For Example: Sainka has good drawing skill.


Its a type of fog made heavier and darker by smoke and chemical fumes.

For example: The smog made it very difficult for the people to see around.

South West Monsoons

A four month period from June to September where most parts of India have rainfall.  70 percent of India's rainfall comes in these 4 months. In summer, there is a reversal of winds when cold and dry continental northwesterly winds are replaced by warm and moist southwesterly winds.


to understand better.


1. To press something from all sides in order to change its shape or size or to remove any liquid from it.

For example: We squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube.

2. To get into a small space with difficulty.

For example: The snake managed to squeeze under the door to enter our classroom.


A sea creature with a long soft and ten arms around its mouth.


This word has many meanings.

1. In the context of volcanoes, Earth's crust and Earthquakes and in physics generally:

a very large force which has the ability to change or modify the shape of the object.

For example:

The push of the Indian plate against the Eurasian plate developed so much stress that the entire land of the contact zone rose up to form the mighty Himalayas.

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