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Only this and not any other.

For Example: Usma has a particular way of speaking.


To cover the ground with a hard surface such as stones or cement.

For Example: They brought the cement to pave the road.


To take a brief look.

For example: Harshika peeked through the class window to watch the snake crawling on the branch.


Something which is liked, enjoyed or supported by many people.

For example: Salman Khan is a popular Indian actor.


The total number of people living in an area. 

For example, the population of Sogve village is 2500 people. This means 2500 people live in Sogve village. 


A chance that something may happen.

For Example: There is a possibility of raining today because it is quite cloudy.


To be exact and careful about details.

Example: The tailor took a precise measurement of Jay for his school uniform.