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Extremely large.

For example:

We saw an enormous python by the river.


A set of tools, machines, specialised clothes etc. that you need to do a particular job.

For example: The electrician did not have the equipment to fix the fan.


A mistake.

For Example: There was an error in the code.


Something that is useful and important.

For Example: Oxygen is essential for survival.


To build or set up something.

For Example: Tamarind Tree was established in 2010.


To grow and change in size or nature over time.

For Example: Scientists believe that the birds have evolved from Dinosaurs.


To say or let others know about one's thoughts.

For Example: I can express my thoughts better in my own language.


Having or being a large amount.

For Example: Our school library has an extensive collection of books.


Something which is no longer existing or (in the case of volcanoes) no longer active

For example:

The dinosaurs have become extinct.