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Any large or small living thing which can move independently.

For example: There are many creatures on this Earth about whom we know very little.


A rule by which something will be decided.

For Example: The criteria to join Tamarind Tree is that the child has to be 4 years old.


Crust is the hard outer layer of anything.

For example:

When the pav is left out in winter, its crust becomes hard and crumbly.


Prepare land for farming. 

For Example: My uncle cultivated potatoes on his land.


A cyclone starts in the sea. It is caused by some atmospheric disturbance in a low pressure area. This is followed by heavy winds and severe weather conditions. The cyclone travels over the oceans to the Land.  Wind at high speeds and heavy rainfall are the indicators of a cyclone. 


Source: Pixabay, CC-BY



To order a rule or action.

For Example: The school decreed that Sunday is a holiday.


To think or act carefully.

For Example: I deliberately didnt join my friends into the river because I didnt know how to swim.


Something that feels beautiful or good.

For Example: It is desirable for the children to visit their relatives during summer break.


Losing hope or disappointed.

For example: Don't be disheartened if you get fewer marks in the quiz.


Something that is not active at the moment but can become active anytime in the future.

For example:

Frogs and Toads become dormant during winter and summer, becoming active when rains come in the monsoon season.

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