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Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a gas. It is present in the atmosphere.

When all living organisms breathe out, they give out Carbon dioxide.

It is represented as CO2.

For example:

During photosynthesis, the leaves take in Carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to glucose.


Suddenly fall down or failure.

For example: The fences had collapsed due to the heavy storm. 


Buying and selling something especially on a large scale.

For Example: I want to study commerce.


Commodity is anything that can be traded in - it can be bought or sold.

For example:

Salt is the most essential commodity which is traded.


To worry about something or someone.

For Example: Neha's mother was concerned when she got sick.


Disagreement between two people or group.

For Example: There is a conflict between me and my mother about my career choice.


Result of an action.

For Example: Do you know the consequence of not going to school regularly?


Something which is easy to do or use.

For Example: It is very convenient for me to travel in a car during the rainy season. 


The central part of anything. The centre or the heart of anything.

For Example:

We don't eat the core of many fruits like apple, jackfruit, mango. etc.


Something which is similar or connected in some way.

For Example: His actions do not correspond with his words.

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