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To be exact and correct.

For example: She was able to accurately count the numbers of mangoes in the box.


To speak in support of others.

For Example: He advocated for the land rights of the community living near the forests.


More than enough.

Example: There is ample food for lunch.


Members of the same family which lived way before us.

For Example: My ancestor might never imagined using mobile phones.


Any objects which have high value because it is very old.

For Example: In the museum, you will see a lot of antique objects.


Something which is done without having a reason.

For Example: A good judge should not make arbitrary decisions.


To put things in order or neatly.

For Example: Anil likes to arrange the books in order.


To test the ability or quality of something or someone.

For Example: Tamarind Tree students are assessed everyday.


To try completing something even if it may be difficult.

For Example: I attempted the question even though it was tough.



A piece of cloth tied around someone's head to cover the eyes.

For Example: For playing the game 'Pin the tail', we have to blindfold the player.


Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a gas. It is present in the atmosphere.

When all living organisms breathe out, they give out Carbon dioxide.

It is represented as CO2.

For example:

During photosynthesis, the leaves take in Carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to glucose.


Suddenly fall down or failure.

For example: The fences had collapsed due to the heavy storm. 


Buying and selling something especially on a large scale.

For Example: I want to study commerce.


Commodity is anything that can be traded in - it can be bought or sold.

For example:

Salt is the most essential commodity which is traded.


To worry about something or someone.

For Example: Neha's mother was concerned when she got sick.


Disagreement between two people or group.

For Example: There is a conflict between me and my mother about my career choice.


Result of an action.

For Example: Do you know the consequence of not going to school regularly?


Something which is easy to do or use.

For Example: It is very convenient for me to travel in a car during the rainy season. 


The central part of anything. The centre or the heart of anything.

For Example:

We don't eat the core of many fruits like apple, jackfruit, mango. etc.


Something which is similar or connected in some way.

For Example: His actions do not correspond with his words.


Any large or small living thing which can move independently.

For example: There are many creatures on this Earth about whom we know very little.


A rule by which something will be decided.

For Example: The criteria to join Tamarind Tree is that the child has to be 4 years old.


Crust is the hard outer layer of anything.

For example:

When the pav is left out in winter, its crust becomes hard and crumbly.


Prepare land for farming. 

For Example: My uncle cultivated potatoes on his land.


A cyclone starts in the sea. It is caused by some atmospheric disturbance in a low pressure area. This is followed by heavy winds and severe weather conditions. The cyclone travels over the oceans to the Land.  Wind at high speeds and heavy rainfall are the indicators of a cyclone. 


Source: Pixabay, CC-BY



To order a rule or action.

For Example: The school decreed that Sunday is a holiday.


To think or act carefully.

For Example: I deliberately didnt join my friends into the river because I didnt know how to swim.


Something that feels beautiful or good.

For Example: It is desirable for the children to visit their relatives during summer break.


Losing hope or disappointed.

For example: Don't be disheartened if you get fewer marks in the quiz.


Something that is not active at the moment but can become active anytime in the future.

For example:

Frogs and Toads become dormant during winter and summer, becoming active when rains come in the monsoon season.



Extremely large.

For example:

We saw an enormous python by the river.


A set of tools, machines, specialised clothes etc. that you need to do a particular job.

For example: The electrician did not have the equipment to fix the fan.


A mistake.

For Example: There was an error in the code.


Something that is useful and important.

For Example: Oxygen is essential for survival.


To build or set up something.

For Example: Tamarind Tree was established in 2010.


To grow and change in size or nature over time.

For Example: Scientists believe that the birds have evolved from Dinosaurs.


To say or let others know about one's thoughts.

For Example: I can express my thoughts better in my own language.


Having or being a large amount.

For Example: Our school library has an extensive collection of books.


Something which is no longer existing or (in the case of volcanoes) no longer active

For example:

The dinosaurs have become extinct.



A way of measuring temperature.

For Example: When our body temperature reaches 103 degree Fahrenheit, we have to apply ice/ water packs on the forehead.


Forecast is a sentence saying what is going to happen in the future based on some scientific study. It is especially used in context of weather.

For example: The weather forecast says today there will be heavy rain.



Helium is a gas which is transparent and odourless. It is lighter than air and therefore used to blow balloons which fly up. It does not react with any other substance. Helium is one of the main gases which is present in all stars.



To create or have a mental picture of something.

For Example: Can you imagine an animal with three heads?


Living forever or never dying.

For example: No living beings are immortal.


Too many to be counted.

For Example: The Chikoo tree has innumerable leaves.


One or more things that can't live without each other.

For Example: All living things are interdependent on each other.


To explain the meaning of something in one's own understanding.

For Example: When asked about the water cycle, the students could not interpret it.


Not being affected by any condition.

Example: Everyone should know how to use a computer in school irrespective of age or gender.



A point or level after which it can't go any further.

For Example: You have a limited time to complete the homework.



Magma is the hot molten rock which is inside the Earth's crust and trying to come out from a Volcano.

For example:

Red hot magma was shooting up in the air when the volcano erupted.


The word Mantle has many meanings.

1. In the context of Geology and study of the Earth:

Mantle is a layer of super hot molten rock (ranging from about 870 degree C to 4370 degree C). It is just below the Earth's crust and envelopes the outer core.

For example:

The mantle is a liquid on which the solid crust floats just as cream floats on milk.

2. In general:

A covering or a layer that covers some surface

For example: The thieves escaped under the mantle of darkness.


3. With reference to responsibility:

To take up the duty and responsibility of an important position especially from the person who has given up that position.

For example:

After the death of the chief minister of Goa, there was nobody to take up the mantle of chief minister.

4. With reference to clothing:

A piece of cloth without sleeves that was worn over the shoulders in olden days.

For example:

With a bright red mantle and the diamond studded crown, the princess looked regal.


Something that may be harmful.

For example: Using and throwing plastic on an everyday basis can be a menace to Earth.


Millet is a type of grain that is eaten. Just like rice or wheat, millet is a  grass grown for food. Jowar (sorghum), Nachani or Nagli (finger millet) are two types of millet's grown in Dahanu.  Millets are very good for our health. 



Something that is needed.

For Example: It is necessary to learn German to settle in Germany.



When a thing does not give out any smell, we say it is odourless.

For example:

Air is odourless, but garbage has a stinking odour.


An oven is a small space or a chamber that is able to keep the heat inside. Due to this, the temperature inside the chamber is very high. The source of heat can be electricity, gas, firewood. Ovens are used not only for baking and cooking but a  potter also puts his clay pots into a "bhatti"  so that the pots gets fired at a high temperature

All types of breads (pav, sliced bread) are made in an oven. 


Defeated or solved a difficulty.

For Example: Gayatri overcame her fear of water after learning to swim.


Oxygen is a gas present in our atmosphere.

All living organisms need it for breathing and staying alive.

It is represented as O or O2.

for example: When leaves carry out photosynthesis, they give out oxygen.



Only this and not any other.

For Example: Usma has a particular way of speaking.


To cover the ground with a hard surface such as stones or cement.

For Example: They brought the cement to pave the road.


To take a brief look.

For example: Harshika peeked through the class window to watch the snake crawling on the branch.


Something which is liked, enjoyed or supported by many people.

For example: Salman Khan is a popular Indian actor.


The total number of people living in an area. 

For example, the population of Sogve village is 2500 people. This means 2500 people live in Sogve village. 


A chance that something may happen.

For Example: There is a possibility of raining today because it is quite cloudy.


To be exact and careful about details.

Example: The tailor took a precise measurement of Jay for his school uniform.



How bad or good something is, it cannot be measured with numbers.

For Example: The air quality in Dahanu is much better than Delhi.


The amount or number of something which can be counted.

Example: The quantity of water in the river decreases during summer.


Questioning or looking for an answer.

For Example: I have a query about the price of a laptop.



Anything which is not commonly seen.

For example: Spotting a leopard or a python around our school is rare.


To understand a situation clearly.

For Example: After practicing, Seema realized that cycling is not so difficult. 


Mention to something or someone.

For Example: Refer to the dictionary if you don't understand the meaning of the word.


The way in which things or people are connected.

For Example: Diya has a good relationship with her neighbors.


Comparing things.

For Example: Shimla is relatively cold than Dahanu.


Connected or related to something.

For Example: Science is relevant to our day to day life.


Something that is laughable or meaningless.

For Example: It is ridiculous to think that men cannot cook.



To make a sharp high-pitched sound.

For example: The baby screeched in anger when the toy was taken away from him.


To find or look out for something.

For Example: I will seek help from my sister.


The ability in our body to feel something - such as pain, heat, cold etc.

For example: The fever caused a burning sensation in the child's body.


Something that is easy to do or understand.

For Example: Sam had explained the Water cycle in very simple words.


An ability to do an activity well.

For Example: Sainka has good drawing skill.


Its a type of fog made heavier and darker by smoke and chemical fumes.

For example: The smog made it very difficult for the people to see around.

South West Monsoons

A four month period from June to September where most parts of India have rainfall.  70 percent of India's rainfall comes in these 4 months. In summer, there is a reversal of winds when cold and dry continental northwesterly winds are replaced by warm and moist southwesterly winds.


to understand better.


1. To press something from all sides in order to change its shape or size or to remove any liquid from it.

For example: We squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube.

2. To get into a small space with difficulty.

For example: The snake managed to squeeze under the door to enter our classroom.


A sea creature with a long soft and ten arms around its mouth.


This word has many meanings.

1. In the context of volcanoes, Earth's crust and Earthquakes and in physics generally:

a very large force which has the ability to change or modify the shape of the object.

For example:

The push of the Indian plate against the Eurasian plate developed so much stress that the entire land of the contact zone rose up to form the mighty Himalayas.


Questionable or not to trust.

For example: The police were suspicious of the van which was loaded with a lot of metal objects.


Cleaning dirt away with a broom or brush.

For example: The students sweep their classroom every day before leaving school.


Tectonic plates

The shell or crust of the earth is broken up into many pieces which fit into each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

These pieces are known as tectonic plates.

For example:

The Indian (tectonic) plate collided with the Eurasian (tectonic) plate and thus Himalayas were created.


It is the way of measuring the amount of heat in a place or on the body.

For example: This summer, the day temperatures were very high.


In a game or Quiz, whenever two or more teams get the same number of points it is said to be a tie. However, only one of them can be declared as the winner. In such a case, there is an extra round which decides who will be the winner. This extra round is called the Tie - breaker.

For Example: When England and New Zealand both scored 241 runs in the World cup final, Each team was given an extra over as a tie breaker.



Deserving respect, especially due to age or character.

For example: The old woman was the most venerable person in the village due to her wisdom.


Vent has two meanings.

1. With reference to a Volcano or any space:

It is a small opening which allows air, smoke or any liquid to enter or leave a a closed space.

For example:

The main vent of Mauna Loa volcano is very active.

2. In the case of emotions:

To express a negative emotion in a forceful and unfair way.

For example:

Shouting and becoming angry is not a good way to vent your frustration.


An opening or  crack in the Earth's crust from where hot magma comes out on the surface. Sometimes the force with which the lava comes out changes the surrounding crust to form a mountain.

For example:

Mount Fujiyama in Japan is an active volcano.

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