The word Mantle has many meanings.

1. In the context of Geology and study of the Earth:

Mantle is a layer of super hot molten rock (ranging from about 870 degree C to 4370 degree C). It is just below the Earth's crust and envelopes the outer core.

For example:

The mantle is a liquid on which the solid crust floats just as cream floats on milk.

2. In general:

A covering or a layer that covers some surface

For example: The thieves escaped under the mantle of darkness.


3. With reference to responsibility:

To take up the duty and responsibility of an important position especially from the person who has given up that position.

For example:

After the death of the chief minister of Goa, there was nobody to take up the mantle of chief minister.

4. With reference to clothing:

A piece of cloth without sleeves that was worn over the shoulders in olden days.

For example:

With a bright red mantle and the diamond studded crown, the princess looked regal.

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