Tamarind Tree Coding Marathon

It's been a year of Code
and here's our short Ode!
Forward, backward, left and right
as soon as coding starts we tie our belts tight
because we know it's a journey of unknown
but got to do it to make future our own
Yes! We feel lost in the coding maze
but once we win there is feeling of amaze
Each time the angry bird gulps the pig
We feel like doing a small jig
And once the bee makes the honey
Our teeth come out and we look like a bunny
Before you think we are going mad,
This is all we have to add- 

Coding is not that boring we want you to experience it like soaring

And before we again go on and on

This is to invite you to the Tamarind Tree Coding marathon!! (written by our computer science facilitator Neha K)

Date: Saturday, 22 July, 2017
Venue: Tamarind Tree school, Sogve village, Dahanu
Time: 9:00 AM – 1 pm

What has to be done, will be told to you on that day, just think you are going to enjoy the stay.

So along with a few of our students and teachers some of us will be spending the morning 'coding', opening our minds, overcoming irrational fears & aiming to understand a new world.

We will also be discussing and sharing our ideas and thoughts on why this is important, how it fits in the mainstream curriculum, how to discern the genuine from the superficial market buzz of coding around u, etc.

We are open to having people join us (parent+kid below 12 years or anyone else interested). Limited seats!! Inbox me at school@tamarindtree.org

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