Open Educational Resources

" With enough of us, around the world,  we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past. Will you join us? The truth is that knowledge and access to it is still restricted to a privileged few." -- said by young Aaron Swartz 

Access to content on the internet does not mean anything. More often than not this content is proprietory and owned by a company that will eventually charge you for its use.  The point is not the money they are charging. The truth is in spite of a tremendous amount of democratisation of information, knowledge is still owned by a few and accessed by a privileged few. The existing education system is also wedded to societal structures aiming to perpetuate class differences  thereby restricting access and increasing inequity.

It is our belief that all knowledge in this world should be freely available to all. Knowledge must be built in the spirit of a bazaar and not a cathedral. The cathedral model hoards knowledge and signifies a hierarchy where someone has more or less access. In a bazaar, we are all equal and have the same access and freedom to develop, create, innovate and ideate.

At Tamarind Tree we believe and use only Open Educational Resources (OER's).

OER's are part of a global movement to bring knowledge in the public domain.