My Big Campus is a collaborative effort between Tamarind Tree and Nomad. Currently, My Big Campus is being used by the students of Tamarind Tree School at Sogve village, Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra, India. We hope to be able to offer courses to many more students and interested learners in the future. A small team of committed people run My Big Campus.

1. Hemant

The vision of using open technology in education is driven by Hemant, a media and technology enthusiast who dabbles with a lot of technologies – radio frequency, transmitters, hardware, open source software and more. A DIY kind of person, Hemant not only brings cool and new ideas to the school and this virtual space, he practically sets up all systems for the team to use. So besides this moodle server, we have a library management system (with over 1000 books and growing), Raspberry Pi's and we are moving to set up our own video conferencing server soon. Stay updated with hemant @nomadindia

2. Michelle

Translating these ideas to action at ground level, is what Michelle does. Leading the teachers team and students at the school, building online courses and managing the My Big Campus site is the core of her work. She designs and develops courses along with this team and then trains the team to see that they are implemented at the Tamarind Tree School in a blended learning environment. With a background in social justice, Michelle brings a culture of equity, learning and fun to the school. Follow her @tamarindtree2

3. Dinaz

An illustrator, children' story writer and masseuese, Dinaz took to Moodle (our virtual learning environment) like a fish to water. She is a Course Creator and a volunteer teacher at Tamarind tree, taking the lead to develop several courses for the students. Technology in education inpsires and excites her, in an infectious sort of way and she is always ready with new ideas and tools for digital teaching.

4. Sam

A full time teacher at Tamarind Tree, Sam is a Course Creator and Teacher for several science and english courses. A farmer and ecologist at heart, Sam now spends a large part of his time integrating what he likes with the courses he teachers.

5. Tina

Tina teaches full time at Tamarind Tree school and assists Course Creators with curriculum ideas for My Big Campus. Her knowledge of the levels of children makes her an effective facilitator for the online courses.

6. Samina

Samina teaches the younger age groups in a systematic manner with a heavy use of digital tools. She is also a facilitator of the online courses at My Big Campus which are run in Tamarind Tree School in a blended learning environment.

7. Vanita

Vanita is excellent at activity based learning and is constantly coming up with new things in class. Along with the team Vanita is also a facilitator of several of the math and science online courses.

8. Kavita

Kavita has recently joined the team and is learning the ropes around our moodle system. She is being trained to become a facilitator of our online courses.

9. Kayla, a volunteer from the USA is with us for a period of six months and besides teaching at the school, she is working hard to learn new tools to add Courses in Math for My Big Campus.