Expression in the form of a language is essential to survive and communicate in this world. While most schools "teach" a language, most people find it hard to clearly articulate and communicate their thoughts and feelings in society. Tamarind Tree emphasizes on building language skills for its first generation learners as a means to build confidence and integrate with society both through verbal and written expression. Under this category, there are a range of courses in English, Marathi and Hindi developing basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

A course for beginners to gain proficiency in reading, comprehension, writing and speaking English. The course is targeted at students in the age group of 6 and a half to 8 years. 

After completing the Beginners English course - students move to do the Basic English course. This course is meant for students who are able to read words, sentences and short stories independently.  Through poems and stories students will improve their reading fluency and comprehension. 

The fourth course in the language series on English for students with fairly good reading,writing and comprehension skills.

The student graduates to this level after doing Basic and Beginning English courses.

A remedial course to assist students struggling with English purely because of poor spellings. With a series of audio files and texts, the course is easy for a student to engage in without any adult facilitation.